A Hidden Important Relationship In Your Life

Yosef Meystel When you think of relationships in your life that are important to stay true to the common ideas are your spouse, friends, and family. But what about your pharmacist?

Yes, your pharmacist. You may only see them once a month or so, it may not be the same person, but it’s the same pharmacy/location. This is extremely important, but why?

  • Familiarity. When you continue to go the same pharmacist, your pharmacist gets to know you more and more each time where they become familiar with you, and your history.
  • Knowledge. Not only on a personal level, but for your medication history as well. They know what you have taken, what you are taking and what you should avoid. This comes in handy when you have questions about mixing medicines and supplements.
  • Help. Pharmacist know what kind of over-the-counter drugs work as well as prescriptions, they know what medications are offered in generic brands and they can work with you to help you save money.
  • In-case-of-emergency. If you are in another town, state or just can’t get to your pharmacy, your pharmacist may be able to help you get the medications you need at a pharmacy closer to your current location. This comes in handy when you are traveling.

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