Yosef Meystel Offers Tips for Saving on Prescriptions

As the president of YAM Management, Yosef Meystel oversees the administration of 16 nursing facilities. He has written various articles on the topic of health, some with a focus on the senior community. In his blog post of July 30, 2013, Yosef Meystel discussed ways consumers can save on prescription drug coverage.

People consistently try to find ways to save on their prescriptions, and shopping around for the best plan is common. Fortunately, discount cards are available that help slash the cost of brand name pharmaceuticals and frequently used medications. For example, the pharmaceutical companies Merck and Pfizer both offer discount cards for the medications they sell. The purpose of the cards is to help individuals who do not have prescription coverage through their insurance plans. Medicare Part D patients can obtain cards from GlaxoSmithKline and Eli Lilly, as well.

Additional ways to save money on prescriptions include selecting generic brands over brand names and requesting higher dosages and splitting the pills to cover two months instead of one. The cost of the higher dose split in two is often much less than the cost of two months of the lower dose.


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