The Advantages of Nursing Home Care Over In-Home Assistance

As the president of YAM Management in Skokie, Illinois, Yosef Meystel oversees nursing home care at 16 different facilities. Not only is the financial executive involved in managing accounts, he also helps families with their facility selections. His organization provides information about a nursing home’s size, environment, layout, and cost. As a result, Yosef Meystel often deals with questions related to a facility’s amenities and services.

Each nursing home is unique and provides its own amenities based on its level of care and social activities. Although home care is sometimes an alternative, a nursing facility provides patients with medical assistance around the clock. Licensed nursing homes must staff 24-hour personnel, and many follow the practice of staffing registered nurses during the day and licensed practical nurses at night.

Nursing facilities also offer social opportunities and interaction. Residents often occupy their time with hobbies and workshops when living in these facilities, and most facilities provide fun activities in the form of movies, exercise, and board games or cards. The available amenities at a facility often play a key role in the decision making process.


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