Acre, a Must-See Israeli City Rich with History

acre israel pic Since it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site 25 years ago, Acre has undergone a marked transformation as buildings and other places of historical interest are restored. The history of Acre dates back to 150 BCE, and excavations of the area have told scholars a great deal about the lives of the different conquerors and peoples who have lived in the area.

Due to its location on the coast, Acre served as a major battleground between the Romans and the Syrians and Egyptians. Visitors have access to a great deal of this history, such as the Templars’ Tunnel, which was built during the Crusader period. Discovered in 1994 and opened to tourists in 1999, the tunnel takes visitors from the Old City to the port along a passageway carved out of bedrock. Tourists should make sure to spend time at the port and surrounding seaside restaurants for some breathtaking views.

Due to its multifaceted history, Acre has developed a lively culture that represents the many ethnic groups that have lived there. An ancient Turkish bazaar, for example, now serves as an artists’ market. Another market that runs north to south in the Old City sells many Turkish and Israeli specialty spices and foods.


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