A Handful of Great Museums to Explore While Visiting Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Museums pic Since Tel Aviv is home to several museums, visitors may have difficulty picking out which ones they want to see. While personal taste certainly plays a role in such decisions, the following list offers an outline of just a few of the city’s best museums:

1. Beit Hatfutsot, or The Museum of the Jewish People, is located on the Tel Aviv University campus. The museum offers a look at Jewish life dating back thousands of years. The main attraction here is the creativity of the displays, which really draw visitors into the story of the Jewish people.

2. Eretz Israel Museum, or Museum of the Land of Israel, offers an archaeological look at different periods in the history of Israel. The museum consists of many breathtaking pavilions with equally wonderful views of the entire city.

3. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has earned recognition as one of the world’s best modern art museums. The building, which itself is astounding, houses notable works from Israeli artists, as well as international collections.

4. The Bialik Museum will appeal to literature fans. The museum celebrates Haim Nachman Bialik, Israel’s first legendary modern Hebrew poet. Visitors who speak Yiddish or Hebrew will get the most from the museum, but information is also presented in English. The decor of the museum also offers a look at 1920s Tel Aviv.


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