Some of Israel’s Most Inspirational Hikes

Israel Hiking pic With a diverse landscape that includes forests, deserts, cliffs, rivers, and beaches, Israel has earned a reputation as a veritable paradise for hikers. Stretching for over 580 miles from northern Galilee to Eilat, the Israel Trail remains the country’s most popular. Although far from comprehensive, the following list highlights some of the country’s most amazing trails.

– Located in the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Nahal David includes a beautiful waterfall about 30 minutes from the trailhead. Hikers wanting a more challenging hike can strike out from the nearby Ein Gedi Field School for a nearly five-hour excursion that includes a mountain and pools of water that can be traversed only by jumping over, or wading through, them. Eventually, they will reach a canyon with an opening that allows for a breathtaking view of the Dead Sea.

– Hikers wanting to explore the desert can head to Nahal Og, a trail that winds through white chalk canyons. Although mostly flat, the trail, which requires about three hours to complete, includes cliffs that can only be descended with the help of rungs that have been mounted onto them.

– Fans of the mountains can head to Amram’s Pillars and the Black Canyon in the Eilat Mountains. Starting off of Highway 90, the trail leads hikers to Amram’s Pillars, two natural rock formations, and proceeds toward Mount Amir, whose peak offers stunning vistas. Hikers can also explore the canyon filled with ancient digging shafts and copper mines. The trail ends at the Black Canyon, which is filled with black granite rock formations.


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