Specialties at Camp Nageela Midwest

Camp Nageela Midwest pic Kids who attend Camp Nageela Midwest enjoy a full range of traditional camp activities. However, they can also take part in activities that encourage them to push their boundaries and explore new interests. The specialty activities, which cater to both physical and intellectual interests, include the following:

A climbing wall

Camp Nageela has a 40-foot wall that campers can climb using hand and foot holds or a ladder. Once at the top, they can survey the campus and clip on to a stainless-steel zip line for a quick ride down.

A hang-glider zip line

Kids who want to add excitement to their swimming experience can use Camp Nageela’s hang-glider zip line. After climbing a 15-foot platform, campers hang on to the glider as the zip line takes them out over Camp Nageela’s lake. After a ride of 75 to 100 feet, they let go and fall into the water.

Workshops and clubs

Camp Nageela’s clubs and workshops offer introductions to numerous hobbies. In the past, campers have taken part in sports clinics such as basketball and tennis, as well as the art of sushi making.


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