Pitching Shakeups and More at White Sox Spring Training

Chicago White Sox pic The 2014 season wasn’t the best for the Chicago White Sox’s pitchers, several of whom appeared to struggle with their tasks. With the 2015 season looming large on the horizon, the organization has sought to reorient its bullpen, bringing in several pitchers who have turned heads in spring training. However, some of the new players have displayed skills that haven’t quite translated into on-the-field play. Carlos Rodon, in particular, demonstrated incredible control of ball speed and placement in practice, but gave up numerous runs in the team’s game with the Texas Rangers. Others show more promise.

Most commentators have focused on Zach Duke and David Robertson, but Jesse Crain, who’ll be returning after a missed season, arguably stands the best shot at shaking up the bullpen. Crain has the potential to shore up the team’s weak late-inning game, especially when placed on a roster that includes Jake Petricka and Dan Jennings. Ideally, these pitchers will help set things up for ninth-inning specialist Robertson. Regardless of how the final roster shakes out, the team is poised to have a better set of pitchers in 2015 than it did last year.


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