Theme Days and Other Fun Activities at Camp Nageela Midwest

Camp Nageela Midwest pic Camp Nageela Midwest aims to provide campers with a supportive and exciting environment where they can forge lasting friendships and prepare for success in the coming year. Over the course of their time at the camp, individuals can engage in several fun activities, such as theme days. For example, toward the end of each camp session, the entire camp divides into two teams for a Color War. The Color War, which takes place over two days, involves everything from sports to out-of-the-box races. Campers also have a chance to compete in wacky competitions with their bunks throughout the summer.

Many of the camp’s theme days take place at night and give campers opportunities to play games, interact with performers, watch plays, and relax at bonfires. These special nights vary between camp sessions and summers to keep the experience continually exciting.

In addition to these theme days, Camp Nageela Midwest offers a range of daily opportunities for sports and water activities, as well as special trips to nearby attractions, including theme parks, zoos, and beaches.


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