Jewish United Fund Offers Financial Stability for Chicago Day Schools

Established nearly 10 years ago, the Jewish United Fund’s Jewish Day School Guaranty Trust Fund has served as a valuable resource for Jewish day schools throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. The innovative funding strategy utilizes a communal endowment to provide ongoing financial support and stability to 17 local schools and, since its inception, has garnered nearly $14 million in support.

The Jewish United Fund (JUF) distributes the fund’s resources annually based on each school’s enrollment, supplementing its wide range of supportive services for schools. Beyond the Day School Guaranty Trust Fund, JUF also offers educational and administrative training, provides legislative advocacy, and disburses over $3 million in additional funding each year. Additionally, the organization sponsors a preschool tuition assistance program for families with young children and has guaranteed over $60 million in loans for school expansion projects.

In 2015, the Jewish United Fund will distribute $1,692,754 among 16 area schools. Administered by the JUF Legacies and Endowments Department, the Jewish Day School Guaranty Trust Fund accepts gifts in excess of donors’ annual JUF contributions. Supporters may choose to donate directly to the fund, supporting all participating schools, or may contribute to a specific school by donating to an Individual Jewish Day School Endowment Foundation.


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