Ranks John Fox as Top 10 Head Coach analyst Elliot Harrison recently released his “NFL coach power rankings,” providing an overview of the recent performances of all 32 coaches in the National Football League and comparing their accomplishments. Harrison’s ranking of the most successful NFL coaches heading into the 2015-2016 season included Chicago Bears Head Coach John Fox within its top 10, listing the recently contracted coach at number nine. John Fox joined the Bears on January 16, 2015, when he finalized a four-season contract with the team.

courtesy of sportsblogging

Before signing with the Bears, Fox coached the Denver Broncos for four seasons, drastically improving the team’s performance during his time there. Although the team had recently finished the season with a 4-12 record when he came to Denver in 2010, John Fox led the Broncos to four consecutive division championships. Prior to that, he led the Carolina Panthers for nine seasons. In his 13-season career as an NFL head coach, he has led his teams to seven playoff appearances, six division championship titles, and two Super Bowls. Overall, he has achieved a 119-89 record, and he is one of only six NFL coaches to reach the Super Bowl with two different teams.


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