5 amazing organizations to volunteer in Chicago

“Sooner or later you realize that real fulfillment comes only from helping others. All of the rest is just temporary.” Elie Tahari.

Donations were in the past the most common way people who wanted to help others make their contribution. Since the number of non-profit organizations is increasing, they have volunteer programs for collaborators to be involved. As a result, volunteering is nowadays becoming an activity people decide to do at list once in life since problems such as poverty, illiteracy, and human rights abuse are becoming viral within the social networks. There exist different ways of volunteering and here are five places in Chicago where volunteering might change your life.

Kollaboration Chicago:
This organization focuses on the Asian American artists. They strongly believe Entertainment guides people towards success. The more than 50 staff member are convinced in the talent Asian American community can make a difference. Besides, this organization is also engaged with the breaking down of stereotypes and misconceptions that arouse reject within surrounding communities.

This organization is a good choice for people who want to help minorities in music or dancing, and work on social differences acceptation.  You can visit their website at Facebook clicking on https://www.facebook.com/KollaborationChicago/

Chicago Cares:
With different branches to enroll, this organization aims to make a stronger city by linking community and critical needs. Cooperation is what really matters in Chicago Cares, they are convinced small acts make a difference. Actually, they also accept children as volunteers because this not only helps projects to move on, but also changes children’s minds and as adults they will be essential in better city construction.

For people who love their city and are convinced that changes come from minor acts, this organization is just waiting for them. Click on http://www.chicagocares.org/HOC__Volunteer_Opportunity_Calendar_Page to find the calendar with the activities are taking place on February and March.  

Aquinas Literacy Center:
As immigrants arrive on a day-to-day, this program focuses on teaching English as a second language (ESL) for adults. It means, people who are living in the United States and do not know the language. They have different programs, ranging from individual instruction to family instruction, including others that work either on oral or writing skills.

People who love teaching and are passionate about intercultural exchange fit on this program. If you are interested on this program, visit its web site and check the different volunteer programs you can be part of, http://aquinasliteracycenter.org  

Sarah’s Circle:
Helping homeless women to be in a safe place and to achieve their goals, is the main purpose of this organization. They help them first of all to find a home and then, they continue the process working on all aspects of wellness. After finding a safe place where to live, the assistance ranges from physical to emotional care and as a result, these women can find their potential to make their dreams come true.

You can find different ways for volunteers according to your profile, group volunteering or individual opportunities are available for to make a difference. Witnesses and other information are available on http://www.sarahs-circle.org/.

Cradles to Crayons (C2C):
Children suffer the most the consequences of social, politic and economic inequity. C2C takes care of children from birth through age 12 and gives them support in their essential needs (at school, at home and at play). They attempt to connect both sides of society, they one that has and the one that needs cooperatively. Moreover, basic supplies such as coats, shoes or books are provided by C2C who strongly believes the more comfortable children feel at school, the more they learn and the more they acquire values for adulthood.   

If you care about children and want to help them to overcome obstacles they face at their communities, visit https://www.cradlestocrayons.org/ and click on volunteer.

Are there not any organization in Chicago working on caring for animals? Yes, there are. Not only children, women, immigrants or sick people have a non-profit organization in Chicago. There is Wright-Way Rescue that rescues animals from euthanasia and put cats and dogs on adoption. Although what people think about animal’s organizations main need is donations, volunteers are extremely importer due to the special needs animals have such as cages cleaning or animal’s bath. Before applying for this volunteer program, please check you do not have any medical restriction. Visit its web site for more information about this program http://wright-wayrescue.org/

Here you have five non-profit organizations where you can work in. This selection was not intended to make people believe in Chicago there are only five organizations, actually there exist more than 120 organizations where you can volunteer and you can check them in the following webpage:    http://onegooddeedchicago.org/organizations/. Have fun with the volunteer experience and remember “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” Oscar Wilde.

Thank you Volunteers cake_chicago_yosef_meystel

Image courtesy of San José Library at Flickr.com


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