Five charity events you can attend in Chicago.

Philanthropy is a 500 year-old word quite complex in all its meanings. In semantics it is the act done for humanitarian purposes but what is particular is the way this word change on people’s minds. In some communities, people believed this act is focused in solving poor’s needs  whereas in other communities this is you help yourself through charity, with a connotation more spiritual. Chicago community has connected with generosity for the past century and different kind of activities have emerged in order to transform Chicago into a better city. For this reason, people do not only engage with the city’s development but also with finding solutions for others basic needs. At the end, it is armory what Chicagoans aim to achieve. This is a true fact, Chicagoans are generous, and the more than $1,000 donated in 2013 demonstrate this. Besides, charity is not focused in one aspect only, these activities go from environment to education or animals. Chicagoans’ charity reputation is improving every time with every single acts where cooperation is the key. Therefore, any excuse is allowed for not helping. Here you will find different philanthropic activities you can enroll in according to your likes.


Alliance for the Great Lakes.

This more than 40 year-old organization contribute  to helping and protecting the Great Lakes. They don’t just clean the Great Lakes or look for laws designed for the environmental care, community education is another branch within this organization. They have restored some areas and a very important achieve they made was the law Illinois passed for stopping the production  and sale of products such as body scrubs that cause pollution in the water and are taken as food by some marine organisms. They have different issues they work on like Clean Water, Conserving Water, Invasive Species, Coastal Conservation, Adopt-a-Beach, Great Lakes Education and Special Publications . Contact them at  and check their calendar with activities and events. And, if you are still wondering what to do next June, try their fundraising annual event  Taste of the Great Lakes scheduled for Thursday 23rd from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.   


Alzheimer’s Association.

Since 2010 this organization has been recognized by The NonProfit Times as the NPT’s NONPROFITS TO WORK. Even if this illness does not have a cure yet, there are a lot of medical treatments in addition with emotional support not only to the patient but patient’s family too with comprehensive online resource. This 35 year-old organization also connects patients with clinical trials for which they might be eligible. Its goal is to end up this disease through  the advancement of research. On September 25th there will be celebrated the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s that is “the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research.” Contact them at

Charity enriched Lemon-Aid_Philanthropy in Chicago_yosef meystel

Image courtesy of Howard Lake at

Hunger and Homelessness

Cara Program.

This program is a ramp for unemployed. They train people for work during four or five months to enter the workforce and star there.  More than organization, Cara is a program that collaborates with more than 100 community organizations as a net to serve those in need. They identify people in need and teaches them what they skill that help them to enroll  a work. Join next Cara’s 25 birthday on April 8th, this will be a birthday gala where all sponsor will attend. Contact them at

Greater Chicago Food Depository

This is a nonprofit food distribution center that have been working daily since 1979. They get the food from donation local and national food companies make. Besides receiving and providing food, the care about food conditions through inspections, sorting and repacking done by collaborative agencies and volunteers. Their motto is “We have 1 Goal. 1 Mission. To fight hunger 1 Dollar, 1 Meal, 1 Person at a Time. Until the day that no 1 goes hungry”. On March 5 Chiditarod XI event is celebrating. This event is a race where participants are required to bring 69 pounds of food on the morning of the race. Check their schedule of events at



This organization rescue animals from kill shelters and gives animals medical assistance and adoption services. There are events all the year you can be part of. Remember usually animals’ organization need more support than other organizations because finding a sponsor is not that easy.  Join one of the six upcoming events in March. Contact them at

In Chicago organizations and programs celebrate events during the whole year, find the best event for you and contribute to increase the Chicagoans’ generosity. Remember a better world is made from little acts.


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