Should you get a haircut or donate your hair?

Helping others is an activity makes us feel better. As long as we help other people, we help ourselves too. Furthermore, charity is another way to contribute society to be as better as we can. It is this love for others and society as well why different programs has been created in order to solve those problems that affect in very bad way community. This programs usually are focused in only one difficulty or more than one but related among them. Hence, charity programs for children, animals, poor, women, immigrants among others, specializes in finding solutions with experts in the field and volunteers who matter about this punctual issue. But, there is an old branch of charity people have been noticing its existence few years ago. This branch is organ donation but in this case hair donation is what will be illustrated.

Yet hair donation does not belong to organ donation because of the difficulty for the procedures in the last one, this involves a very part of you. Even if hair grows up quickly and its regeneration takes few months (different from organs whose regeneration is partial or zero in case of complete extirpation), this is a part of you other person will use as theirs. In other words, you decide to cut off your hair and then you give it to a person with cancer whose eyes will shine again because the idea of having hair again is a little bit of hope.  This people not only suffer the pain of treatments they must follow but their body transformation ends in isolation and depression.

hair donation_Community benefits Chicago_yosef meystel

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Here below you will find a list of 2 places and 2 programs where you can donate your hair and make other people smile again.

  1. KidSnips: This is a family hair salon and it is partner of Wig for Kids and, they make around 500 hair donations per year. This is a program organized for children who want to donate their hair. This program also encourages children to charity, they are not donating money but a little bit of them will make a difference for other people. And, when children realized that, the certainly will enroll in charity as adults. Visit them at 1953 N. Clybourn, Unit F  Located in the strip mall at the corner of Clybourn & Cortland.

  2. Locks of Love: This non-profit organization provides hairpieces to children under 21 who suffer from long-term medical hair lost. They create a highest quality hair prosthetic and aim to restore children’s self-esteem and confidence. They focus in charity only and their products are for charity purposes, they are not manufacturer of hair replacement system. They are located in Palm Beach but you can send them your hairpieces from Chicago.  Visit their website and get more information about how can you contribute to this cause,

  3. Chicago Avenue Salon: This salon cooperates with Locks of Love and Children of Hair Loss programs. As long as you book in advance, your hair cut will be 50% OFF.  Visit them at 1941 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago IL 60622 and get an amazing haircut while contributing to this beautiful case as well.

  4. Thairapy Plus Salon & Spa: This salon spa also cooperates with foundations for children who have lost their hair during chemotherapies. Located at 4247 N. Lincoln Avenue Chicago IL 60618, this spa is also enrolled with hair’s restoration so don’t be afraid of your new hairstyle, experts will make you don’t regret about this decision.  
hair donation_chicago_yosef meystel_Community benefits Chicago

Image courtesy of Doug Ford at

Thus, non-profit organizations are the only responsible of this cause, this is a commitment SPAs and SALONs have made with community. They understand how this “minor” ac could help these people to believe and dream again. This is just a sample of how Chicagoans are touched by charity and the efforts all together make in order to make their community a better place for living. Because, as children are also part of this project, they for sure will became charity ambassadors.    

Nevertheless, you get more than you ever thought even if you are “losing” one of the most visible part of you. There are some teachings you only learn when you have to adapt yourself again to a new situation. You learn to be patient, how giving goes beyond money and the most important thing, the richness of charity.  In women’s case for example, making this decision is harder because from long time ago hair is one of the main female attributes. And, nowadays when beauty outstands as the main quality people have, donating your hair and “risking” people’s perception about your image is without any doubt an act of human benevolence.




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