8 Amazing Nonprofits in Chicago

Chicago hosts a large population influx from its state Illinois and other parts of the country. As a result, this city is a great place for philanthropic activity to take place.  There are all sorts of activities going on for people like volunteers and donors who want to get involved in fundraising, supporting nonprofits and charities.  

Let’s get to know some of the nonprofits and charities, what they are doing and how we can be a part of their amazing impact in town:

Fundraising_chicago_Community benefits Chicago_yosef meystel

Image courtesy of Howard Lake at Flickr.com

 Advocates For Adolescent Mothers

This is a nonprofit organization that is entirely devoted to helping young mothers to break the cycle of poverty providing financial and socio-emotional support to those who are in college.  Pursuing education, entrepreneurial training and encouraging graduation from college, Advocates for Adolescent Mothers aims to break the poverty cycle due to lack of education and tear down the barriers that hinder college completion.  Also the program mentors young parents in topics related to child abuse prevention, child development and informational workshops about leadership, study and life skills, personal development and parenting.  (For more information visit the website http://advocatesforadolescentmothers.com/)

Lungevity foundation

The commitment of Lungevity foundation is to fund scientific research about lung cancer, its early detection and effective treatments to make an impact and increase the quality of life of lung cancer patients and survivors.  The foundation has demonstrated great leadership among the cancer advocacy community creating initiatives aimed to change the lives of those who are going through lung cancer currently or in the future.  Lungevity foundation offers educational resources, support and community empowerment to get people involved and encourage awareness and help fundraise. (For more information visit http://www.lungevity.org/)

Woman Made Gallery

It is a nonprofit organization which aims to cultivate, promote and encourage the manifold contributions of female artists by opening doors for them through exhibition opportunities, education in their field and programs that allow the discussion of the meaning of feminism and womanhood in our days.  Its vision is to guarantee equal opportunities of women’s art globally.  (For more information visit http://womanmade.org/)

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

This nonprofit has a conviction clearly stated on their mission “to organize and advocate to prevent and end homelessness, because we believe is a human right in a just society”.  It is dedicated to favor public policies that can diminish and hopefully end homelessness.  Through campaigns, community education and initiatives to influence public policies that would end up impacting positively the lack of affordable housing in the city, this organization seeks to improve this negative situation.  Besides, CCH does not accept government funding wanting to always have an independent voice.  That is why CCH is fundraising to increase opportunities for the people who are homeless or at risk and advocating for homeless families in general. (For more information visit http://www.chicagohomeless.org)

Prevent Child Abuse_yosef meystel_Philanthropy in Chicago

Image courtesy of Bruce Tuten at Flickr.com

Prevent Child Abuse in America

The banner of this organization is to promote services that will ensure children’s wellbeing throughout the country and develop programs that will help to put the situation of neglect and all sorts of abuse to an end.  Also, PCAA has brought the prevention and awareness of child abuse to the forefront of the American society, has accomplished much work in the battle against child abuse and has implemented many child development efforts around the country. (For more information visit http://preventchildabuse.org)

Chicago Foundation for Education

This foundation aims to support teachers of Chicago public schools.  Quality teachers provide their students with an empowering educational experience that students need and deserve.  CFE provides leadership, learning and grant opportunities for those teachers who have excelled in Chicago Public Schools and thus rewards them for such an amazing job.  (For more information visit http://www.cfegrants.org/)

Alzheirmer’s Association

This large nonprofit works globally, nationally and locally to help those affected by Alzheirmer, leading care, support and research.  The Association is eager to help by means of a professionally staffed helpline, support groups, educational sessions, online resources, its library, matching services for patients, caregivers, volunteers and doctors, and other events.  The association is dedicated as well to stimulate the progress of new treatments, to encourage the disease prevention and find a possible cure. (For more information visit http://www.alz.org)

Greater Chicago Food Depository

The goal of this organization is to provide a food bank service to fight hunger through its nonprofit food distribution.  It distributes donated and purchased food by means of a network of 650 pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, mobile programs, children’s programs and older adult programs.  Surprisingly, most of the product donated comes from local and national food companies, grocers, produce markets among other sources that found in the GCFD a way to give good use to their food which might otherwise have gone to waste. (For more information visit http://www.chicagosfoodbank.org).


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