The 7 most important organizations dedicated to help women in Chicago

The city of Chicago has a remarkable philanthropist activity that covers many fields and purposes. The effort made by people who have the will and the possibility to do anything that is in their hands to achieve the beautiful goal of helping others is just way beyond admirable. So many people are being benefitted by the different causes philanthropists fight for every day, it is actually breathtaking and encouraging because what you see the most is that good deeds start to multiply.

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Wonderful initiatives and causes where helping people from the city of Chicago, other cities and even other countries are the main purpose of organizations that have been created in order to be the facilitators of these good deeds. There are so many people willing to give their very best for the community, for the city, for locals, for foreigners, for children, for animals, for institutions that help other people, and that is exactly what takes your breath away and make your heart actually pound harder every time you see so much of that goodness around.

There are several organizations that are focused in a very special group of people. Women. The people in these organizations have been dedicating their time, their knowledge and their hearts to trying to make a better world for women in Chicago. Women that need a hand in different fields, in education, with their children, with employment, with health care with promoting connections that will bring new opportunities for them, and many other causes.

Here is the list of 7 organizations that make Chicago proud by helping women, by doing what they do best, which is doing good things for others who need it the most.

Chicago Foundation for Women – CFW

The CFW is an organizations that helps women that struggle to keep their family and themselves healthy and safe, with just conditions and better live opportunities.

Their philosophy is to connect, needs, money and solutions for the women in Chicago who need this kind of help. The organizations seeks to increase the resources and opportunities girls and women, teaching them awareness about their issues and their potentials at the same time.

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Chicago National Organization for Women – ChicagoNOW

ChicagoNow is the Chicago Chapter of this organization that has presence in many places. They focus on political, legal, economic and social activism that benefits women. The organizations seeks to make a difference for women in the city, by developing projects involved in these different fields where women will gain more and more participation .

Professional Women Club of Chicago – PWCC

PWCC is an organization that creates numerous opportunities for professional women in Chicago. These opportunities will be focused on professional and personal growth. It brings together women in all types of fields of work, from employed women, to entrepreneurs, business owners, junior and senior professionals, and all types of companies and industries. The main goal for this organization is to create a network that will help women build the relationships and connections they need for the personal development.

Girl Forward

This organization is dedicated to refugee girls. It has education and empowerment programs for girls from the ages 12 to 21 who have come to Chicago from countries that have been in war. Women from Chicago can apply to become mentors for these young ladies in the “Four Ws”: Wallet, World, Wisdom and Wellness.

Girls Rock

This organization promotes musical education in young women. It offers summers camps for girls who want to be rockers. Each girls will learn an instrument and they learn about song writing, teamwork and stage presence. The organizations helps the build bands and some of them have already made performances different locations in Chicago.

women_musician_yosef meystel_Community benefits Chicago_philantropy

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Girls in the game

This organization teaches girls the benefits of sports. It teaches them confidence, integrity, strength, teamwork and focus. The organizations hosts different events in Chicago for them that are non-competitive, but instead they build new relationship, have a lot of fun and learn many new things that will make them stronger.

Girls Who Code

It’s an organization in Chicago that promotes gender equality in technical fields such as computer programming. It was founded in 2012 and it works with young women who are interested in this field. The goal of this organization is to educate one million in this field girls by 2020


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