Alive rescue: a safe haven for animals.

There are many animal charities out there, which is a very good thing a Yoseif Meystel can agree. Animals do not have the possibility to tell us what they are feeling or what do they actually need. Pets or animals in general, under the watch of humans who can decide what to do with them. Unfortunately, there are some human beings that do not know or understand what the word respect means, specially towards animals, and they mistreat them as if they had the right to do so.

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For those animals that are being abused, and are having hard knock lives, there is hope. In Chicago, there is an animal charity called Alive rescue, who focuses on helping animals in a different way. Of course, they have shelters and places where they keep their animals, but they also have many programs that are designed to raise awareness and to include the community in order to have a better understanding of animals, pets and how to live in harmony with them.

Let’s take a look at this amazing charity and what their programs are all about:

The whole story started back in the year 2008 in March.  Founder and President Kristen Gerali as a child spent time on her uncle’s farm in Wisconsin where she developed a lifelong love for animals.  She was one of the first people to arrive to New Orleans after the hurricane Katrina hit to help with all the activities that needed to be done. This changed her life and when she went back to Chicago she continued going to events to help. This is when she had the idea to start ALIVE Rescue, to focus her efforts on a more professional way. Now, she acts as the board Chairperson, President, Treasurer, Director of Intake, and Director of Operations and has 4 rescued animals in the house.

The other important founder and currently Vice President is Greg Raymond who from the beginning took his knowledge as a business owner and executive for more than 25 years and applied it to Alive Rescue. He has been the unofficial Director of IT, Building, Maintenance and Infrastructure. He had a long experience managing animal charities in the Furry Friends Foundation. He also focuses on raising awareness of factory farming and animal testing. He is also a major advocate for wildlife and the environment.

Alive Rescue started by only using people to help them with foster homes for cats and dogs. They didn’t have a facility to use and they worked hard to get it. This went on from March 2008 until November of 2012. The previous year, in November of 2011, they signed a lease for a building, which will then become “the Little Barn” in the Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago.  They rehabbed and re-designed the original structure in order to make it perfect for the first shelter and adoption center.  On May 5th, 2013, The Little Barn was officially opened.

Alive Rescue core values are simple and straight forward:  responsibility, first towards animals that are in local open-access shelters with a high probability of being euthanized. Also responsibility with the animals within the shelter.  They are totally convinced that every animal deserves a full life and that is why they take in animals that other adoption organizations may overlook, including seniors, unpopular breeds, and pets with special needs; their mission statement reflects their commitment to the animals by stating that every animal has the right to a well-balanced, socialized and fulfilled life and that they take  on the responsibility to save, rehabilitate and place abandoned, abused and stray animals.  The mission statement also states that they will provide medical, behavioral and physical support for animals despite their age, health and/or breed. Their mission statement also states that they promote sustainable living and care giving by building awareness, appreciation and respect for all animals and the environment.

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In an amazing approach, Alive Rescue uses only green strategies for their activities. Since they promote sustainable living and care-giving within their communities by building awareness, appreciation and respect for all animals and the environment, they use green products to continue the same line and culture of the charity. For example, all dog Foster Homes are provided with bio-degradable poop bags and  all cat foster homes are supplied with eco-friendly cat litter; at Events, all eating utensils are bio-degradable or re-usable, they only serve vegetarian and vegan dishes; and at the Little Barn they  purchase only environmentally-friendly and/or recyclable materials,  animals receive only high-quality food to promote their health and reduce waste; all appliances are energy-efficient, and paper is saved and recycled.

Take a look at this article so you can find out more about animal charities in Chicago.


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