How to support lovely animal causes and where to do so

We live in a symbiotic relationship with animals, one in which we experience healing, companionship, and play. We can return the love animals have shown us by loving them in return, as well as supporting organizations that are dedicated to protecting them from harm and ensuring their right treatment in our society. Animal philanthropy is the most enjoyable kind of philanthropy, bringing joy to the giver as well as the receiver. There are hundreds of wonderful organizations that work on animal welfare and protection. Donating to them is an act that can benefit current and future generations, for it supports a shift of consciousness towards a permanently improved relationship between humans and animals. Research has shown that owning a pet can increase both well-being and longevity. Animal charities help seniors and people care for their pets, rescue and train dogs to assist deaf people and help abused and abandoned children with pet therapy. They serve as first responders for animal cruelty cases that may indicate domestic abuse or the likelihood of future violence against humans. If you support this initiatives, Yosef Meystel invites you to consider this animal philanthropy organizations:

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Founded by a high school student and her mother, Paws runs the largest pet adoption and foster programs in the city of Chicago. With its clinic and mobile surgical van, PAWS also spayed or neutered thousands of pets, offering nearly three-quarters of the procedures free of charge. Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest independent charity evaluator, has recognized their efficient operations by giving them the highest rating.

Save a Pet

This organization goes above and beyond for each animal it serves and plays an important role in rescuing animals from “kill” shelters. Programs include medical and behavioral assistance, adoption services, and referrals to low-cost spay and neuter services. They treat any medical condition and provide animals in need of special surgery all the vet care they need. They strive to provide an animal with a second chance and to help that cat or dog find its “home”.

Critters in Need

Critters In Need supports no-kill rescues, shelters, sanctuaries and foundations working to save the lives of animal friends. They need help and participation of the community, to really make a difference for critters that are truly in need. Animals offer so much in the way of unconditional love. This is the opportunity to give back and show how much we care.

Anti-Cruelty Society

The Anti-Cruelty Society has been on the forefront of animal welfare and humane education ever since it was founded in 1899. Its history is proof of the importance of its work, and also serves as a reminder of the many things that the organization has accomplished over the years. This organization provides compassionate care for any animal in need, attempt to find a home for every dog and cat after rehabilitation, intervene to prevent cruelty to animals, partner with the community to educate on animal issues and inspire compassion and respect, and provide low or no cost spaying or neutering.

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Why support animal causes?

In these tough economic times, many people are nervous about parting with any portion of their hard-earned paychecks to make charitable contributions. For animal-oriented charities, it’s an especially difficult time. People wonder why they should give money to animal causes when the world is full of human beings in dire need. Cancer and other illnesses, natural disasters, hunger, homelessness, child slavery, lack of potable water, and so on. But the important thing, is not which charity to give to, it is just to give.

Between three and four million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in the United States. And according to Charity Navigator, the biggest animal-based charities have annual revenues of only one-tenth of those of the largest charities in the U.S. All the numbers may seem high, but it is not enough to fund all the good causes that we as a society should support. Animal charities receive double the donations that homeless charities and disability charities receive. So why, when the world is full of equally needy humans; do people care more about animals than about other people? Animal charities get so many donations, because we are the reason animals need help. We humans, breed domestic animals purely for company, then abandon them. There is also the personal connection that many feel towards animals. Animal charities tend to receive a significant proportion of their donations from people who’ have had closer bonds to their pets than to most humans. It is hard to compete with the unconditional love of an old dog or a beloved.

Animal charities rely completely on voluntary donations. So if you’re donating to animal charities, don’t feel guilty, you are helping to improve the life of a being whose life has been upended through no fault of its own.


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