Young mothers have the support the need

Of course it is common sense that having a baby when you are very Young is not a good idea. They say life changes in an amazing way and that everything comes to a stop. People tend to think that from that point forward the mother, still a girl, will just have a life that is not a “normal” life  for a person at such age.

Another thing that young mothers suffer when they get pregnant at a short age is that the people around them judge and point their fingers at them with comments and opinions that are not very positive. The way teenage mothers are treated because they are thought to have made a mistake, is totally unacceptable and rude

But having a baby at short age is not that bad. Or at least, despite all the sacrifices it implies for a teenage girl, having a baby when you are every young makes the relationship with the son or daughter to be a strong and stable one.

Following this line, we present you the following charity institution that is helping young mothers live their lives in a normal and productive way and educating the people around these mothers to have fun and be understandable when the mother is taking care of the baby.

The institution is called Advocates for Adolescent Mothers and it was started by Lillian Harris, who had the privilege and drama of being a teen mother. Lillian had a hard life because she was also born to teen parents herself and lived in poverty. Her situation was a little more drastic because she was pregnant and expenses were even more and higher.

She promised herself that she will end that cycle with her son and that she will teach him and the people around him how to stop that poverty cycle.  First, she went to college and studied hard to earn a college degree because she thought that that way she could provide for her son and give him different opportunities.  During her journey she had to endure many thing such as homelessness and realized that it is really hard to go through college when you come from underprivileged communities and the idea of Advocates for Adolescent Mothers, AFAM , was born.  Now, apart from finishing her undergraduate degree, she went to study and complete a  master’s degree from a very prestigious institution. Lillian felt that she had to do something about the issue of women not having enough opportunities to study and be what they wanted to be, especially if they were teen mothers. She felt she had to give back to the community by empowering young mothers to destroy the poverty cycle by earning a college degree or studying what they like, delaying early pregnancies, and preventing child abuse.

Advocates for Adolescent Mothers is an internationally recognized institution and their vision is to be an institution that helps communities fight poverty through the education of young mothers and establishment of prosperity among families that are headed by young parents.

As you can see, their mission and vision statement are clear and target their problem and work in order to summarize what is it they do. As for the mission statement,  it states that “Advocates for Adolescent Mothers is a top rated nonprofit organization committed to empowering young parents by providing them with the tools, resources, and support needed to break the cycle of poverty, establish prosperity, and prevent child abuse”

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Advocates for Adolescent Mothers has 2 main programs that are the following:

The Educational Empowerment Program that focuses on  young parents and educates them to break the poverty cycle. They believe it is not the fact of being a young parent that makes life harder, it is poverty and how it affects people, especially young people, and especially young parents. If the right information within education is transmitted the cycle will break as children of young parents who delay subsequent pregnancies and can be there for their children in and an emotional and financial way, are more likely to complete school and avoid becoming teen parents themselves.

The Holiday Drive Program that each year collects toys and outerwear for homeless young moms and their children for Christmas. The sad thing is that this could be the only gift a young mother receives in Christmas time so it is very important to cheer young mothers and parents in these sad times.

The Teen Parent Stable Housing Study which is not a program but a study that Advocates for Adolescent Mothers supports. The study is a longitudinal study about the amount of homelessness there is among young mothers in multiple cities, beginning with Chicago.

Having a baby is a big responsibility. Having a baby in your teen is ten times the responsibility. It is a good thing that someone is addressing this issue in order to stop the cycle.

Be sure to take a look at this article on the Heartland Institute


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