Innovative Tech companies supporting philanthropy in Chicago

Technology has become a number one priority for most of us in the world we live in. It has become the most useful tool to do everything we can imagine, from the simplest to the most complex things related to our day to day actions. It has the power and responsibility of solving any problem that we can imagine, no matter how vain or significant it is, technology has established as the main vehicle for solving our individuals and social issues.


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Yosef Meystel knows that in Chicago, there are some tech companies and organizations that have understood that his powerful tool can be used not only to produce money but to help others with their most pressing issues, sometimes mixing technology and education or raising funds and awareness for social causes. Companies such as Solstice, G2 Crowd, and GiveForward know that technology can be tied to philanthropy in ways it can use the innovation it promotes to have a positive impact in the world by offering a wide range of solutions to common social issues.

It doesn’t matter if tech companies do it from their offices or a coffee shop, they provide the freedom to help other by raising awareness through the internet, inspiring thousands of users to contribute to different causes that usually are close to their hearts.


Founded in 2001 in Chicago, Solstice operates as an emerging technology and innovation company that helps other companies benefit from new digital solutions in a world that is constantly changing. The company’s main initiative is to help other companies developing their digital strategy, hardware, and needed software.

As a company that works based on a high-speed culture of innovation, Solstice also recognizes the importance of working for their community locally and globally. Thanks to this, the company empowers its employees to get involved and work for the community outside of work. In order to provide the required spaces and information for their collaborators to get involved with their community issues, Solstice has partnered up with different non-profits and organizations in Chicago such as Chicago Dance Marathon and Shining Hope For Communities.

Solstice aims to include philanthropy in every cell of their corporate identity as a technology company. Due to this, during some weekends it teams up with different organizations to provide online sites for 24-hour donations. Among the benefited organizations one can find Internet of Elephants, who was supported by a team of 120 people from different backgrounds who participated in the process of developing ways that could engage a global audience with the natural world in an innovative way.

The company believes that just as we can find new ways to use technology to solve banal issues, we can use it to make a difference in the worlds. There are many pressing issues that need to be solved and are often neglected. Working with NGO’s and nonprofits allows Solstice to provide unique opportunities to those who desperately need help.

G2 Crowd

This software review platform located in Highland Park, Chicago, developed a non-profit program called G2 gives that intends to support organizations in charge of working with Chicago’s most pressing issues.

The initiative helps nonprofits to obtain grid reports for free on their operations. Additionally, it also allows organizations to raise funds for their programs and become part of a network where they can connect with other organizations and donors. Through this platform, reviews can be submitted and individuals who share the same social interests can easily connect. Besides the services the platform provides for nonprofits, the revenue generated by the platforms is saved in a fund for G2 Crowd employees.

G2 Crowd knows that the company doesn’t need to limit the type of organizations it supports. Thanks to this, G2 decided to create a platform that could meet the needs of any type of organizations that needed to be supported, orienting its philanthropic efforts on developing a technological tool that works as it is tailor-made for every nonprofit.

G2 Crowd aims to keep developing different programs to help their community, creating an organizational culture towards social issues.


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This organization focused on the idea of becoming the first place where people would go when they were facing a difficult situation. GiveForward was founded in 2008 in Chicago since then it started working as a central hub for those who wanted to give and those who needed to receive help from others. Every year this website helps thousands of people raising millions of dollars for a wide range of causes, from welcoming a newborn to exploring the possible treatment for a weird disease.

GiveForward works as an online donation platform where philanthropic work takes place every day. The organization was built on the idea that there can be better ways to support the family, friends and the general community, and technology could provide some of those ways.