Public Good Makes the World A Better Place

Nowadays, we use the internet for everything we do with our lives. We rely on it when we need to do some research about something, we meet people through numerous websites and apps that operate online, we order our food, clothes, and stuff and, we even ask the internet for advice when we are dubious. But, what else could we do with this tool in order to help others instead of simply satisfying our day to day cravings and needs?

Public Good Makes the World A Better Place

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For Public Good Software, Inc (or simply Public Good), a tech company located in Chicago, Illinois, the internet can be used as an outstanding tool to help others. The possibilities it offers are infinite and thanks to this, a couple of experienced entrepreneurs who had a vast knowledge of online businesses, decided to open a website dedicated to helping nonprofits and any type of organizations that needed supporters and donors. This is how Public Good was born as an easy way to raise funds for those who need them.

Choose your Favorite Cause

Through the Public Good platform, individuals have the chance to choose the cause they care most about. There are many organizations listed on the site, and people can make donations to different entities at the same time. However, Yosef Meystel knows that the main idea behind opening a space where people can read and learn about the cause the want to support is to generate a bond between supporters and nonprofits, creating meaningful connections meant to last for long.

Thanks to the possibility of choosing the cause you want to support, individuals have the chance to use the site’s platform to track what is happening with their money after they donate it. This way they are aware of the impact their actions have on society. This enhances trust and motivation due to transparency that takes place during the entire donation process.

Besides the possibility of creating meaningful relationships among people and organizations, Public Good aims to create a positive experience through the platform, both for users and nonprofits, allowing them to engage even more with the project. By opening spaces for people to give their feedback on how the platform works, Public Good makes sure its staff is constantly working for the greatest good. Also, the way the site is designed, allows people to gather and organize to support a specific cause based on their interests.

Public Good Makes the World A Better Place

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How Did All Start?

After being successful with different marketplaces such as Orbits, Sittercity and Groupon, in 2011, Jason Kunesh and Dan Ratner were invited to participate in President Obama’s reelection campaign where they had the chance to learn about other how they could raise funds online for social causes.

Once Obama’s campaign was over, the two startup veterans decided to combine their knowledge and experience to develop and launch as the first online tool that could really allow any person to donate as much as they want to charity and track their donation.

One of the challenges of this philanthropic cause was to go out and talk to the community, finding out what people in Chicago believed about charitable work and raising funds for nonprofits. After that, Public Good had to do some important research on the organizations it supports. Finally, a connection between organizations and the site was created, allowing charities to benefit from the site.

The company defines itself as a “for-profit” organization, keeping in mind that its mission consists of collecting enough money to fund charitable causes in Chicago and other cities in the United States where pressing issues take place. The organization believes that by empowering individuals and allowing them to gather together and organizes through the platform, change can be made.

Values and Principles

Public Good aims to become the civic network most nonprofits and social service agencies in the United States look for whenever they need support to solve the most pressing issues and difficult situations every community has to face.

Besides, the organization wants to continue creating spaces where people can do something they love: give and help others. Working to make other happy by satisfying their needs is something the world desperately need from us and Public Good is trying hard to make sure that everyone contributes to make the world a better place to live.

For Public Good it is very important to be measurable, meaning that they need to set goals that they can measure in order to determine new goals for the future. Also, everything the organization does need to be meaningful to the community, supporting causes that really matter and need help indeed. Besides being measurable and meaningful, results need to be transparent, actions need to be helpful, decision must be democratic, collaborators should be respectful and among all this, everyone involved with the cause is invited to be happy.