An admirable Chicago Jewish foundation you need to know

The Jewish United Fund – also known as JUF – is one of the most important philanthropic foundations in Chicago for the Jewish community and other people. This institution is a non-profit organization and its scope goes not only to Chicago but also for Israel and more than 70 countries around the world. The Jewish United Fund assistances with food, shelter, health care, education, among other elements, more than 300 thousand persons in Chicago and more than 2 million of Jews in Israel and other nations. Besides, this organization has more than 70 groups and programs worldwide.

The foundation has three main programs for accomplishing its activities. These plans give to needed people a lot of benefits and supports, helping them to improve their lives and acquire better conditions. Besides, this institution helps people of all faiths.

An admirable Chicago Jewish foundation you need to know

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Human services

With this program, the organization gives humanitarian assistance for people in Chicago, the United States, and the world. Through this strategy, the foundation focuses a lot of its efforts in Chicagoans and Jews around the globe.

The human services program helps with food, shelter, transport and many other aids those Jews who have economic problems. In addition, this plan supports Jewish and other people with medical assistance like dental care or other health attentions.

This strategy not only helps the community with health care, food, and refuge but also helps them with education programs in multiple areas and for all ages. Moreover, this service offers job opportunities and career counseling, both for citizens and immigrants.

Another important service offered by the Jewish United Fund is the assistance for Jews in Israel and other countries. With this plan, the organization reaches a lot of Jews with all the benefits mentioned above, among other significant aids.

In summary, the human services program approach is to satisfy and fulfill all those basic needs that every human should have, regardless its creed, race or location.

Jewish culture education

This strategy is focused in all those Jews who want to be more engaged with Jewish life and culture. This program goes for Jewish in all ages, letting them connect more with the Judaism roots, its history, society, and Israel. This plan uses the Experiential Jewish Education methodology, which allows students to understand the Jew life and its learnings, through the creation of multiple educational experiences. In addition, this service gives to apprentices the opportunity to study and learn about the Jewish culture with summer camps and leadership programs.

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The program motivates kids, teens, and young families to study and know more about Judaism and Israel living, besides, it lets them understand in a better way Jewish ceremonies, rituals, and traditions. The plan also gives to learners the opportunity to work for the Jewish community and transmit all those acquired teachings.

Another excellent initiative provided by the JUF through this program are the trips to Israel. Through it, Jews from Chicago and other cities in the United States can travel to Israel to know this country and learn even more about Judaism and its traditions. The organization offers free and subsidized plans.

Community Connections

The another significant pillar for helping community offered by the Jewish United Fund is aimed at the strengthening relations between Jews from different places, both Chicago, and other countries. With this initiative, the organization seeks to create more engagement between Jewish community, establishing networks and connections for collaborative environments.

The community connections program also invites Jews and other people to participate in multiple volunteer activities, both for Jews in the United States and Israel. With this plan, the foundation pursues to acquire a lot of helpers and donors for charity and other solidarity initiatives around the world. This is a very important strategy because it lets people know and participate directly in what the foundation promotes, in other words, this methodology teaches and gives tools for all those persons who want to help the community in several ways, which finally is the main purpose of the JUF.

This service also teaches to the new generation about the Holocaust and its consequences in human history, besides, it promotes religious diversity and stimulates the tolerance and respect for other faiths and religions.

An admirable Chicago Jewish foundation you need to know

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In conclusion, the Jewish United Fund is an admirable organization, which benefits not only Jewish people but also persons with other religions. This foundation seeks for the welfare and quality life improvement for Jews around the world but additionally, helps other societies to get better living conditions. Moreover, this institute stimulates the education of Judaism and its traditions with no restrictions, promoting the respect and acceptance for other creeds.

It is important to say that the foundation not only works as a main figure for helping Jews in Chicago, Israel, and other countries but additionally teaches them how to help society, performing as an intermediate between helpers and needed people.