Give a second chance and adopt a pet in Chicago

In this world, there are all sorts of people. There are those who love animals and those who are crazy about them. For this second group –and expecting it to be the vast majority- there are many things they can do in order to share their love with some furry friends and one of the is adopt them.


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The entire idea around adopting a pet seems to be a bit crazy sometimes. Considering that they imply sacrifice, devotion and a considerable portion of your salary (depending on the size and habits of your pet). However, it is well-known that pets bring something more than a waggy tail to their owners, they bring life. Some studies show that children who grow up in the company of a dog are far more sociable and healthy than those who don´t. Also, there are some patients of pretty rare medical conditions that count on the company of a pet to make their treatment and life so much simpler.

There are hundreds –if not thousands- of true examples of what pets can do for humans. Despite the evidence, in cities like Chicago, there are more than eight thousand homeless dogs that are killed every year because they can’t find a home. This statistic might be horrifying, however, there are different nonprofit organizations doing the best they can for these furry lives. Yosef Meystel knows how important it is to create awareness around these subjects. This is why in this article you will find three representative philanthropic organizations in Chicago dedicated to promoting pet adoption in the wind city.

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Chicago Animal Care and Control

As a part of its programs, the city of Chicago counts with the support of an institution named Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC). This amazing organization aims not only to find homes for street dogs, but also works hard to bring together families with their lost pets. The institution’s main goal is to minimize the number of homeless and abandoned street dogs in the City, this is why it is in charge of giving pets a place to stay and feed them until they find a new place.

CACC encourages people to adopt pets that otherwise would be sacrificed or suffering. The institution truly believes that if everyone was a responsible pet owner who knew what to do and was aware of its obligation towards a life, there wouldn’t be as many street dogs as they currently are in the Chicago land.

The good thing is that numbers at this organization prove to be encouraging. Every year the number of pets that need to be sacrificed reduce and people seem to be more accessible when it comes to talking about the pet adoption matter and responsibility as pet owners. Lucky for both animals and people, CACC will keep on doing its job in order to eradicate homelessness in animals in Chicago.


Save a Pet knows that it is never too late to do some changes and you are never too small to have a real impact on your community. This is why it plays a very important job in rescuing animals from shelters that are destined to be euthanized. Giving everything it has to serve homeless animals, Save a Pet is probably one of the most representative nonprofits dedicated to saving animal lives in Chicago. With more than 300 animals saved from being killed every year, this organization’s role is literally vital for the preservation of many pets’ lives.

With different programs, which include medical attention to pets and behavioral assistance, Save a Pet offers potential pet owners the chance to have access to neuter services at a very low cost. Besides, the organization treats animals with medical conditions or those who need surgeries before finding them a new home. This way, Save a Pet invests over $1.5 million in its cause every year.

PAWS Chicago

This is probably the biggest and most influential institutions dedicated to saving pets in the City of Chicago. Every year it spends more than $10.6 million to serve the noble cause of helping furry lives find a new home. Since 1997, PAWS is the organization responsible for the considerable drop in numbers for euthanized animals in Chicago. It work is exemplary and based on real knowledge about what happens to dogs that never get a second chance to find a home.

With a renowned “No kill Policy”, this institution runs the largest pet adoption program in the wind city. Also, its labor depends mainly on volunteers who happen to be animal lovers. This allows the organization to give surgical procedures to animals covering three-quarters of each procedure free of charge. PAWS is a great example of a nonprofit that aims to have a real impact on its society. And, guess what? It actually does.