One of the most important non-profit organization in Chicago

For more than two decades, Chicago Cares has been a great ally and support for multiple needed people in the Windy City. Since 1991, this non-profit organization has worked for the most underprivileged persons in this city, giving to them the chance to have better living opportunities for improving their quality of life. Currently, this association works with more than 500.000 volunteers offering multiple solutions to people with social and economic issues.


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Chicago Cares organization offers a lot of programs for needed people in the city, like education or food plans. Besides, they have training programs for volunteers, allowing them to know and learn the better way to work and help for the community in an appropriate manner.

Chicago is the home for a lot of people from multiple cultures, places, creeds and races, which means a great challenge for this organization, because it must comprehend and develop excellent strategies to keep people united and connected, reaching what they seek as organization; to give the best living conditions for the most needed in the city.

Job Opportunities

As it was mentioned above, Chicago Cares promotes multiple programs in different areas, but one of its most important initiatives is the job board. With this excellent idea, this organization finds the best job opportunities for those persons with working problems. In addition, this program gives training for these people to know how to deal with a job process, interviews, tests, etc.

On the other hand, Chicago Cares offers working opportunities for people who wants to be part of this organization team. The association not only functions with volunteers but also seeks for persons who want to be part of its staff to create new ideas and strategies for assisting and serving Chicago’s society.


As it was cited, the association works with more than 500.000 volunteers across all Chicago. They are the main asset for the organization, due to their labors and efforts. Moreover, they are who put in practice all the strategies and ideas proposed by the board of the institute.

The Chicago Cares volunteers not only have the duty to promote and implement all those tasks raised by the association but also have the great challenge to transform people through their service experience. In other words, volunteers are those who contagious and transmit all the good intentions to the community, converting all their issues in noble actions to strengthen the relation between them.

Another important purpose that volunteers have is to empower people. This could be maybe the most important goal for them because it is the way how they let community helps and be part of the institution. Put differently, empowering persons from the community is the best way to raise awareness about the social problems what Chicago’s society has and it is the mean to let them take the initiative for making great impact changes.

Currently, Chicago Cares activates more than 30.000 people per year for being a volunteer in the association, which makes it the non-profit organization with more mobilization in the city. Moreover, this organization is one of the best in all the Midwest for training their helpers, creating in them the correct approach and engagement for assisting social issues and solving needed people problems.

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On the other hand, the training approach that Chicago Cares offers to its volunteers is the possibility to strengthen and increase their leadership abilities. The program not only teaches them how to help community problems but also gives them the tools for empowering themselves and transmit the philosophy of social work to others.

With the leadership approach proposed by the organization, all those persons who are involved with the association, develop better skills to inspire other people to help Chicagoans and community. Besides, the great amount of persons working with Chicago Cares, creates an excellent networking group to interact and establish new relations with other individuals.

This program not only prepares volunteers to be leaders but also teaches them how to include and educate people from the Chicago city to be community leaders. This is an exceptional idea because through it there will be more leaders in the city to stimulate and develop multiple projects to support the Windy City. This strategy gives to all those persons who want to be part of it, the tools and means they need to be social heads.


Among the sponsors of Chicago Cares are great multinational companies like Kraft food, PepsiCo, Medline, Discover, and much more who gives to this organization not only the financial support but also another kind of contributions. Each of these cited donors gives more than $ 100,000 in donations per year.

Giant organizations like Motorola Mobility Foundation, JPMorgan Chase, CEB, Corona, the Zell Family Foundation, among others gives each to Chicago Cares more than $50.000 in contributions per year.

There are other sponsors like Accenture, Bank of America, All-State, Harley Davidson and others who also support the Chicago Cares social cause.