Variety, The Children´s charity of Wisconsin: Their programs.

In a previous post, we made a brief introduction to this charity, Variety: The Children´s Charity of Wisconsin. We talked about their history and now they arrived to Wisconsin. We told you that the story would continue in a later post. And here we are to pay or debt.

We are going to take a look at the main programs that this charity has and how they are helping children in the Midwest. Read and get to know their work.

As we said in the previous post their mission is to provide life-enriching assistance to young kids and teenagers that have been affected by physical disabilities. Some of the disabilities include but are not limited to cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, spina bifida, epilepsy, amputees, Rett syndrome.



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The freedom program is aimed at children with physical disabilities that do not have the income to purchase their own equipment and are in real need of durable medical equipment. Some of the equipment that could be given to children are wheelchairs, van lifts, special bicycles or tricycles, strollers, ramps, stair lifts or communication gadgets that are necessary for the child to have a normal life.

The program tries to cover each and every child that is 21 or younger and that doesn’t have any type of income or aid from any other person or institution and that is in real need of the mobility equipment. The idea is to cover the children that have the most delicate situation and that are unable to obtain help from any other source. Sometimes families can cover part of the cost so Variety tries to purchase the best equipment or divide expenses with the family.


The CARE program has the objective of providing support and equipment to children with special therapeutic and medical needs. Variety does this through two major clinics: the Variety Orthopedic Clinic and the Epilepsy Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Variety the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin has helped the Variety Orthopedic Clinic at Children’s Hospital which is a very well-known children and prosthetic therapy clinic. Variety has contributed by helping build the Gait Lab and by giving the clinic a non-nuclear scanning machine that is very effective and is used to help reduce radiation from x-rays within scoliosis treatments.  

Variety has also contributed with The Epilepsy Clinic at Children’s Hospital. This center focuses on understanding epilepsy in children and on taking care of children with unusual or difficult to control seizures. Variety has contributed with trained medical staff and by advising on the purchase of conventional anti-seizure drugs and of newer medications. Variety has also contributed with the newest antiepileptic medications, the purchase of the vagal nerve stimulator and in the design of the ketogenic diet.



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The Future Program aims at the family members. In this program, Variety takes the children with disability and their family members on fun field trips or outings to fun and trendy places such as museums, movies, sporting events, botanical gardens and many other places where they can have fun and acquire useful and educational information for life. The idea is to get the family together and to strengthen family bonds which will give children and their families long lasting memories and a yearly event to attend to.

Some of the places that Variety has visited with the families are Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, a Day at the Renaissance Faire, games from teams such as the  Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Admirals and Milwaukee Brewers, the Shrine Circus and new release movies.


Chatter Matters in this program and a lot. This is a program aimed at students who use speech generating devices and for all the family and the people who take care of them. It is a residential camp where families learn how to incorporate a speech generating device into their daily routine and the child improves his or her device use in real time, real life settings. This program is so original because all the family is an active part of the activities and that allows the family to have fun and create everlasting memories and to relate better to the device and the way it works. Camp activities are like any other fun camp setting with activities such as arts and crafts, music, campfires, and storytelling.

Variety covers all the costs for all the people that go to the camp. That includes meals, lodging, and all activity supplies even for the volunteers that go to assist the program logistics.

We had to write two posts to cover the amazing story and the programs for this charity that does an amazing job helping children with any type of disability.

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