Working Hard For Kids Without Cancer

If we think about the most common diseases nowadays, we must think about cancer. Being the number one disease causing death to children in the United States, cancer represents for most individuals a tough fight that needs to be fought in order to survive. Sometimes the fight lasts months, and in most occasions, it lasts years. Despite or will to survive, if cancer is not treated properly is going to end with life.

Probably, if you are an adult and have lived a fulfilling life, the idea of having cancer is going to be hard but understandable. Nevertheless, if instead of being an adult you are a child who was born with cancer or had it diagnosed before the age of 20, you will hardly understand why at such a young age you have to face this situation. Plus, it is not going to be exclusively about your feelings and thoughts it will also have everything to do with your family since your parents are the ones who will respond for you, especially if you are a baby or a teen.


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It was the idea of helping children with cancer to survive the one that inspired a group of parents in Michigan to create a nonprofit institution known nowadays as Kids Without Cancer. Yosef Meystel knows that this organization has been operating for more than 3 decades serving the needs of children who have been diagnosed with cancer and whose probabilities of surviving are low or inexistent. This institution works with the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and other charities dedicated exclusively to funding cancer research.

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A bit of history

The institution was first founded in 1981 as the Leukemia, Research, Life (LRL) and later in 2011 changed its name to Kids Without Cancer. This change in names was later explained as a strategy for people to know that the institution was not only supporting leukemia research but also cancer research focused on saving children’s lives.

It was a group of parents in the Midwest who decided to found this charity. They all had children with cancer at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and they were all seeing how their chances of surviving were only 50%. They also believed that cutting-edge technology was needed in order to do outstanding investigations. This is how the collective efforts of this group of parents lead to raising enough money to fund the pediatric cancer research that was being done at the time at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in association with the Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University.

Since the day this nonprofit was founded it has been 34 years. Today the chances of a kid diagnosed with cancer to survive are over 80% when back in the 80’s they were as low as 50%. Different research programs founded by the institution have allowed the hospital improve the survival rates for children with cancer. This represents a major success for both the medical community and the families who wanted to give better chances of surviving to young patients.


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The reason for Kids Without Cancer to Exist

Kids Without Cancer is proud to be the biggest contributor to cancer research conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Having raised and donned more than $4 million dollars in over three decades, this nonprofit has proven its value not only to the Midwest but to the American medical community. Its goal is to eradicate childhood cancer and bring hope to those children who already suffer from the disease.

This will to eradicate cancer is what makes Kids Without Cancer important for the Midwest community. The general dedication of the nonprofit members makes it possible for it to raise generous funds every year through the celebration of events and selling memberships for those interested in becoming an active part of this exemplary initiative. The strength and passion of the founding members have been vital to the growth and development of the institution. In fact, there are some founder members who still are part of the institution and keep on fighting cancer from a philanthropic approach.

Kids Without Cancer deposits its efforts on the Children’s Hospital of Michigan cancer research program. Supporting its oncology department for children. The hospital usually counts with the presence of 100 children in the pediatric cancer program who need to be taken care of and have special needs based on their particular diagnose. Thanks to the contribution of Kids Without Cancer and other nonprofits dedicated to fighting cancer, the hospital is able to have one of America’s “Best 50 Pediatric Cancer programs in the U.S”

One of the main reason why this institution keeps on working is to bring hope to those children and families who otherwise would have to deal with cancer without any support or a second chance at hand. What the foundation does is remarkable since it doesn’t perceive any earning from the cause, it simply brings the collective energy of a bunch of enthusiasts who deeply care about their families and those who are going through difficult times.