Detroit impact center

Detroit has been hit by poverty in a hard way. After the industrial boom they had, many factories and companies fled to California where the technology trend was growing at a fast pace. Detroit was left with a lot of security and social problems to deal with.

To tackle this issue, the Detroit Westside neighborhoods decided to get organized in order to get the resources and the things they needed to make it in life and to start breaking the poverty cycle that hit them when the industrial era was coming to an end.

These neighborhoods started a non-profit called Detroit Impact in order to have a bigger community development and a better quality of life for the community, especially children, and young adults that are the ones that feel the impact of social issues in bigger ways. Since the year 1991, they have been taking resources and creative empowerment to people in the Westside community of Detroit. The first issues they tackled were the problems that low-income and at risk youth had to deal with. They open meetings and courses in order to teach values, motivation and a strong self-esteem and many lectures and activities to reach out to these young adults and give them the opportunity to become responsible members of the community. All their programs are cooperative and they have very good relationships with parents, churches, schools, the business community, and neighborhood residents.

This charity relies on the donations of the general public and on companies that are very interested in their work. Their programs are run by volunteers and backed up by the entire donations made by people and companies.

What they are trying to do is to change the World child by child, one at a time by teaching, mentoring, motivating, guiding and encouraging them to be all they want to be with good values and respect for others. Here are their programs:

Academic Support

They support young adults with preparations for the S.T.E.P.P.S and SAT.  Their courses combine basic reading understanding, math, writing production, and communicative skills. They also have courses where they help students with their homework. They use personalized tutoring to help children and young adults relate what they see at school with what happens in their everyday life.  


This program focuses on giving young people the tools to be productive members of their community. They use a Restorative Practice approach and a Kingian conflict resolution curriculum to train children on good manners and community behaviour so they can have the skills and tools to achieve success in whatever they choose to do and share it with their near community.

Computer Center

Their computer Learning Center is a cornerstone for the community. Here the people have the opportunity to learn about software, use the World Wide Web and apply and study from programs that are computer based. Also, students become part of their special Microsoft Learning Center Program that provides training in software programs such as  Movie making and editing, WINDOWS 8, graphic and video Design, Professional Office and website development.

Motown Writers Journalism Class

This class is essentially a writing class. In this class, they teach young adults to observe research and compile information. Also, this class makes teenagers produce pieces of writings on their lives and teaches them about poetry and many African American writers. If teenagers show more interest in writing they can stay for Poetry Slam Club that encourages them to write on a professional level and to build more writing and comprehension skills.


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Free time Recreation Program and Remote Car Circuit

This is a fun way to spend Saturdays with the family. This program has the adventure Kid’s Club which is aimed at kids that are 6 to 12 years old. This program provides Arts & Crafts, Bible Study, and lunch. They also have an activity that is a Remote Car Circuit which gives the people the opportunity to know first-hand how to build and race a 1/28 scale remote control model car

Money is important for the youth.

This program is aimed at young adults that are just about to face the real world with financial issues and responsibilities. This program will give information to young adults on how to manage their money in the best way and how to manage their expenses in order to have a healthy financial life. The information given in this program is very important because the lessons allow the students to have exposure to real life situations that can happen if there is no financial stability. Some of the topics are budgeting, life planning and financial goals, patterns on spending issues, needs, etiquette, networking, investments and any other topic that young people face when it comes to managing money.

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