Working Hard for Philanthropy in Ohio

Philanthropic causes are very important in the Midwest of the United States. There are hundreds of organizations working hard to have a relevant impact in their communities. Yosef Meystel knows that in order to have a great impact on something it is important to count with support and information. Luckily, in Ohio, there is an organization dedicated to serving its members across the state of Ohio providing the necessary tools and knowledge to philanthropist so they can be more effective as change agents in their communities. This organization is called Philanthropy Ohio.


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Philanthropy Ohio operates as a statewide nonprofit dedicated to supporting foundations, corporate giving programs, organizations and individuals actively engaged in philanthropic causes in Ohio. Its main goal is to enhance the ability of members to achieve their charitable goals through the use of resources offered by the organization. This way, Philanthropy Ohio aims to become the leading voice and most important resource for philanthropist in the state.

The Importance of Education

The philanthropist Yosef Meystel, spots that high-quality educational programs are given by Philanthropy Ohio to every city or town of the state. The organization knows the importance of education as an agent of change, and how important it is to engage community members with philanthropic initiatives. Regardless the type of charity, educational programs are offered to giving circles, United Way, foundations or corporate giving programs.

Philanthropy Ohio celebrates an annual conference called Philanthropy Forward and different webinars and workshops throughout the year. Most of these programs are offered for free or at a low cost for the organization members. The purpose is to keep on educating individuals on subjects that matter for community improvement.


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The Importance of Information

Information empowers people, for this reason, members of Philanthropy Ohio recognize the organization as the best and preferred source of information they have to get the latest knowledge regarding philanthropic matters. This way, members of the organization are more likely to be effective at their tasks.

An electronic newsletter is sent every month sharing the latest resources and reports to members. Also, the organization’s website offers a searchable library available at any time all year long. At the library, members can find useful tools such as sample documents and policies to help them structure their charities and a member directory which includes every charity registered in Ohio. Having access to this database allows individuals to find peers in the state who are working for the same things they are.

Besides the information available on the website and library, Philanthropy Ohio welcomes everyone to ask questions. Members of the organization are always available to answer all sorts of inquiries related to the organization and its projects and programs. Besides, technical assistance and research issues are provided.

The Importance of Bringing People Together

Philanthropy Ohio pays great attention to bringing people together. The organization considers it is key to their mission to connect philanthropy to relevant audiences outside the organization. Getting in touch with the business community, legal advisors, policy makers, media and other nonprofits is vital to help the organization move forward.

Convening is a way for the organization to grow stronger by counting on external resources that may work for advancing in philanthropic causes in the state. Also, the organization has convened and worked with different nonprofits creating a giving structure organized geographically. This has allowed Philanthropy Ohio to create a funders network across the state.

The Importance of Advocating and Connecting

Representing the interests of charitable organizations in Ohio is something Philanthropy Ohio cares about. Its legislative priorities include working hard to defend the federal deduction for charitable organizations and promoting the IRA Charitable Rollover. There are also some policy reforms in Ohio that sometimes don’t benefit philanthropists. These initiatives are also tackled in order to favor laws that improve education and health conditions in the state.

Connecting is also important to Philanthropy Ohio. It allows peers to find each other across the state and work together for common causes. These connections ensure the permanency and results of peer organizations, also a network of professional development and skill-building is built thanks to the general input.

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Promoting Diversity

The organization is permanently engaged with promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity. This is why the organization works hard to provide tools and knowledge to help those committed to philanthropy to be more effective at their causes in their communities. Diversity is at the core of Philanthropy Ohio with more than 20 organizations engaged in the Leadership Circle created by the organization to promote inclusion and the adoption of diversity principles.

Philanthropy Ohio believes that accepting diversity leads to fairness and effectiveness in the execution of tasks that benefit the community. The world is diverse and complex, and opening spaces to raise the voice to engage individuals in philanthropic issues related to social inclusion and respect is key to sustainable societies. For this reason, the organization encourages its members to learn about diversity and commit to equity and inclusion as one of the organizations grant marks.