Advisors in philanthropy: client centred planning for companies and people.

We have been talking about many charity institutions, philanthropy strategies, philanthropists and philanthropy ideas that have helped the people in the Chicago area and that have gone over boundaries even to reach countries overseas.

Well, this time we are going to take a look at a network that is dedicated to promoting principles and practices that directly relate to philanthropic resources and how to use them and allocate them in the best way possible. Their name is Advisors in Philanthropy


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They are based in Illinois at 16 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 625 and since 2005, when they signed their own declaration of interdependence on that same year on the 4th of July, they have been helping charities and philanthropic ideas around the United States.

Let’s take a look at what they are all about and some of their committees that are the base of their work.

First of all, AiP is not part of any for-profit company nor is a part of any charitable agency or foundation. AiP knows that independence in this world is a very strong asset and the thing that allows them to reach as many charities as possible, no matter their focus or goal and that allows them to work and act as they please with the strategies they think are right in order to include members who are already independent themselves.  AiP is just a big group of client focused philanthropic professionals that are willing to help and give advice to donors and clients so they can correctly direct and allocate their philanthropic resources in the community and they can also connect their money to the real meaning of their charity work. AiP also focuses efforts on professional advisors so they can get inspired, educated and motivated to integrate philanthropy in their companies or daily life. Then, these guys and girls will inspire and empower their customers and networks to help the community that surrounds them.

Their vision and mission statements are very clear: their Vision is to be the first and most important advisor for philanthropic planning and for strategies within companies and for the individual that enhance and help the most in need communities. Since AiP is a forum where people that know about advisory in the philanthropic world get together, the idea is to inspire, teach and empower clients to effectively direct all their philanthropic efforts the way they should be directed.

Their mission statement is also very simple and it is to inspire and educate advisors that in turn will help clients and people plan their philanthropic approaches and make those approaches an integral part of their companies and corporate governance; also, to create and support a network of people that are related to philanthropy one way or another and to promote the highest ethical standards in philanthropic planning.

In order to complete their work, AiP is divided by committees. Committees are the best way for people and companies to get involved with the AIP programs and to get the most out of the AiP memberships. These committees allow people to meet other members, build relationships, show and promote talents, and learn new skills. They have 4 committees:


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  • Conference and  education committee:

This committee is in charge of planning the content and the logistics for the annual Conference On Philanthropy and monthly webinars. They have to set the conference themes and session topics; find and nominate the keynote and breakout speakers and all the needed speakers for the conference and the order in which they will appear.

  • Membership committee:

They are basically in charge of growing the organization through recruitment and retention of members in the network. They are responsible for contacting new members, welcoming people to the organization, designing and doing acceptance and exit interviews with each and every member, identifying potential people that could be part of the team and planning campaigns that will attract more people to AiP.

  • Member benefits committee:

This committee is the internal communication of AiP. They are responsible for understanding the needs of the members and how they can be rewarded or helped in order to make their job better and more productive. This committee creates surveys and does phone interviews in order to identify trends and topics that their members are talking about or that they need or could need in the future. Also, with the survey’s results, AIP can understand what members are expecting from AiP and recommend benefit strategies to the Board of Directors so they can give these benefits to their teams and networks.

  • Community committee:

The Community Committee is the one responsible for taking the message to everyone everywhere.  Their responsibilities include speaking at charity events, helping local chapters with their development, being a collaborative leader and designing strategic partnerships locally and nationwide.

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